Experiences using Wherescape Red on SQL Server?

  • I am struggling to find much content out online so I was wondering if anyone wanted to share their experiences of using Wherescape Red on SQL Server?

    I would like to know what change management procedures you use to support the DW development, best practices you follow and how you guys generally find the product to work with on a day to day basis.

  • I second this request.

  • We are using wherescape. Have local Australian MIP helping us out with a few things, but as for myself in particular -- I am learning how to do things using the product purely myself.

    My quick summary (could be premature, since I have not worked out every single thing in the product), is that

    - the product is unique, easy to use, quick to learn, very handy for small to medium (generally small) projects.

    - super-simple to do proof of concept. generate a new datamart, and show to the business.

    - constrains the developers dramatically, but it's not impossible to find ways-around (not using the feature of WSR, custom coding etc).

    - one person per project works best. But it is easy to replace this person with another person.

    - automatic documentation generation is not bad.

    I can do many more statements on the product. In short -- if you have the budget and half-a-dozen datamarts to be created -- get the product.

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  • Thread resuscitation time ...

    Anyone else using Wherescape red? I've got the same questions as the OP, any comments appreciated.


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