Experiences from a Real World Project

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  • Good article. As someone who's worked with SSIS for about a year, a lot of your recommendations rang true.

    I'm not sure I concur with the one-configuration-setting-per-configuration-file suggestion however. If you have more than 10 settings...that could make for more headaches that it's worth. Add different configuration locations (database, XML, registry, etc) and that would just compound the problem. Bundling them into groups, by their functionality, would be a better approach IMO.

    What's missing in the SSIS-discussion-space is a good article on utilizing the event handlers. To be honest, I've ignored them but would like to see how they could effectively be used.

  • Thank you for sharing your real project experiences with us Jamie. 

    They are especially valuable as you are one of the most expert person in SSIS.


  • Good article.  I use most of your suggestions already.  However, I use the SSIS log provider for Text files and just let each package execution append to the end of the log.  I have the package begin and end logged as a way of determining where each execution began.  I use Excel to read the log files; since the last execution of the package is at the end of the file, once the log is open I just scroll down to the bottom.  It takes a couple of extra seconds, but with all the history there in one place I can easily look for trends.


  • Thanks all for the comments thus far. Certainly nothing there that I can (or would) disagree with.

    Dave, I have an article here that discusses one possible use of event handlers: http://blogs.conchango.com/jamiethomson/archive/2005/06/11/SSIS_3A00_-Custom-Logging-Using-Event-Handlers.aspx in case you're interested.



  • Great article. Thanks for sharing the remedies to all your pain.

    For storing expressions in variables, what about expressions that should evaluate to boolean. For example '[font="Courier New"]@Var1 == @Var2[/font]' . I can store that expression in a variable of type String but the Expression Builder can't convert the string into value of type boolean. Any thoughts?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Very much useful article. Thanks


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