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  • Ahoi,

    ive been working with SSIS and SSAS (only Multidimensional, not Tabular) for 1 1/2 years now.

    I wish to explore more SQL Server topics but i am not sure where to continue.

    Things i have done/do at work:

    • ETL
    • Cube Processing and Design
    • Basic Backupmanagement of Databases
    • Performance Tuning for the ETL process and the Reports in the Cube

    Things i have worked/read through:

    • Stairways that are relevant for my current work: SSIS, Data Warehouse Design,Indexing, SQL,MDX,...
    • Books about SQL/TSQL, Accidental DBAs


    Maybe someone can help me creating some kind of roadmap how to continue exploring further topics.There seem to be so many topics and i don't know where to start. There should be a systematically plan to move forward. Learning R or Python would be intresting,  but without any plan where to go with this aquired knowledge, it would not really help me because i dont even know where to really apply that knowledge. That is why (if possible) i am looking for something first that is similiar or something that can be combined with the knowlege and use of what i am already using at work.

    I thought about getting started with the Tabular Model next, but i am not sure. Is it possible to create some kind of roadmap using these topics (elements can obviously be added or deleted from the list). What to start with?

    • Reporting Services
    • Tabular Model
    • Machine Learning
    • Data Mining
    • Power BI
    • Azure
    • Coding Langauges: C#,R,Python,.... --> (which?)


    I would really be grateful if someone could help me guiding the way



  • You can create your own road-map. However, I propose following considering your past experience :

    1. Tabular Model, C# (This will also help you in SSIS Script Task), Azure,
    2. Power BI, Reporting Services
    3. Python (Is used in variety of ways) including in Big Data and Data Science
    4. Machine Learning (This is very vast topic. You may have to choose which you want to take up)

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