Execute Process Task, relative paths, can't find executable

  • My SSIS package is in folder C:\mySSIS\ and I placed an executable in the same folder. I am trying to

    use the Execute Process Task with

    RequireFullFileName = False

    Executable = myProgram.exe

    WorkingDirectory = . (for the current directory, i.e. the one containing the SSIS package)

    The idea is that I don't to use drive letters such as C, D in the Task (hampers portability). When I execute the Task l get the Warning:

    File\Process "myProgram.exe" is not in path"

    and finally the error "The System can not find the file specifed"

    Does this Task support the use of relative paths (".") or am I not using it properly?



  • I believe that you would want to store the UNC Path in a Package variable.

    You could the select @@servername statement and store it in a Package variable.

    Then create an additional variable to store the Path.

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  • I have had the need in several of our SSIS packages to run command line executables. Usually the need to do this is when trying to extract data out of or import data into 3rd party applications.

    I have been able to use the execute process task to do this. I've put the full UNC path in both the Executable and Working Directory properties. I have also used expressions to fill in the Arguments dynamically from variables do to things like pass in today's date.

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