Exceptional DBA Josef Richberg: fighting cancer, but still sharing

  • Bob Cramblitt

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  • ChiragNS

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    Thats a inspiring story. Keep going Josef.

    "Keep Trying"

  • ramuvanparti


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    I wish josef Speedy Recovery.



  • NULLgarity


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    Goosebumps... Fight the good fight Josef!

  • Phil Factor


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    That good DBA cussedness in the face of problems: by far the best medicine. A very inspiring article

    Best wishes,
    Phil Factor
    Simple Talk

  • pcq0125


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    He is grreat guy. Unselfish act. Miracle can happen do not give up.


  • rjv_rnjn

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    Love the attitude!:smooooth: Best wishes.

  • Maxim Picard


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    Very inspiring story, all the best to Josef and his family

  • Nicole Bowman


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    Fabulous attitude! Best wishes to Josef and his family.

    Nicole Bowman

    Nothing is forever.

  • tom.roush

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    Keep at it Josef -

    This kind of stuff does come as a surprise - been through it twice, (already 5 years out on the first one 🙂 and it changes you forever in ways you simply can't imagine, even now.

    Blessings -

    Take care,


  • pisaac-670258


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    What a wonderful and inspirational attitude you have Josef. Good luck to you as you win this battle.

  • Ashesh


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    I wish Joseph speedy recover. Inspiring article.


  • Mad Hacker

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    Congrats on the award and hang in there.

    My family and I will keep you and your family in our thoughts and prayers.

    Keep the faith and remember that this too is only temporary in the grand scheme of things...

  • SSSolice


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    Sending Strong And Healthful Thoughts And Prayers Your Way Josef. You're An Exceptional DBA and I'm Sure An Exceptional Husband, Father, And Friend As Well. Best Wishes To You And Your Family ! 🙂

  • Shurkadze

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    You are an amazing person and an inspiration to all of us.

    Wish you speady recovery and keep your great spirit UP!


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