Exception handling in DTS

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  • Thank you!  Never used Multiphase Data Pump before so was a great introduction.  Very interesting object!  Also the article made me look at things I overlooked before, great.

    BTW, the error count before failure is (fairly?) exposed, I use it for a regular data pump and the Disconnectded Edit allows to enter a larger number manually.

    The problem I am having is that DTS does not fail on data type mismatch, but simply inserts NULL if say a nullable numeric column gets a char.  If anybody knows how to fix this please send me an email: rafael.public@comcast.net.  Thank you in advance.

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  • One correction - you mention that PK violations can be handled using the DTSLookup feature, but FK violations can't.  Actually, you can, and I have some packages that do just that.

    James C Loesch

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