ETL Magic with SSIS – Part II

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  • Great article, definitely one for the favourites file.

    The screenshots could with being bigger though, there were a few where the details in them were unreadable.


  • Being as the images are so small - perhaps you could upload the package, that would allow people to check their results with the package you created.

  • In my processing we recieve many files like this, for the part where your moving the non lookupvalues to another table, I typically deal with them by adding them to the lookup table in the error output then merge the rows so you get the new lookup value.

  • I agree about the screen shots, don't know what happened during the upload to the site. Here's a link to a pdf.

  • Wot no error flows?

  • SQL Server Destinations

    I'm not sure that using SQL Server Destinations is a good idea as the target server has to be local to the package

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