Ethics and Leaders - Database Weekly (Apr 27, 2009)

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    Thanks Steve, a very nice article. I remember the leaders that I had that gave me a hard time in my life and I remember everything that they taught me. There were also those that taught with love and patience and I also remember their teachings as well. It is funny that when a person look back you realise that each of these came at the right time of your life. Maybe it's just that they knew how you should be taught at that specific time in your life. Talking about ethics, I have had to protect the system that I helped to develop many times against clients that wanted to use it in unethical ways and us as IT people should always remain true to our ethics. Maybe we should also have an ethical oath to declare when we become IT people like the doctors with their Hypocritical Oath.

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  • Steve Jones - SSC Editor

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    Glad you liked it, and I think we need to figure out how to address our leadership issues in IT, and elsewhere.

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    The best coaches I remember were those who knew their sport inside-out, pushed you, and had high expectations of each individual player and of the team as a whole.

    Sometimes these coaches were no-nonsense types who you feared, and sometimes they were more likeable and approachable. Both kinds of coaches can really help you develop into a better player or athlete than you were before.

    I think the same is true in the corporate world.

    I have no problem with no-nonsense bosses, the problem is when their ethics clearly cross the line and you are expected to go along with it. I've been in that situation and it's no fun, to say the least. I no longer work there.

    Regarding leadership, I think ethics (and much of the corporate culture) in a company pretty much trickle down from the top. Call it "Trickle-Down Ethics". So think about that when you are interviewing for your next job.

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