Error while using azure template to deploy SQL Server always on

  • I am trying to test/create SQL server always on in Azure IaaS using the below available template

    Create a SQL Server AlwaysOn Cluster Deployment (

    It keeps on throwing me same error

    Not all Backend IP Configurations referenced by the Load Balancer XXXX use the same Virtual Network YYY as Frontend IP Configuration of the Load Balancer.


    Can someone help me with this? Any better template which you would recommend?

  • Also tried the alternative method.

    1.Created 2 SQL VMs sqlvm3 and sqlvm4

    2.Tried to deploy WFSC using ARM template

    Automate Always On availability group deployments with SQL Virtual Machine resource provider | Azure-Blog und -Updates| Microsoft Azure

    Getting below error which this approach

    SQL sku set on the SQL virtual machine group does not match that of the SQL virtual machine

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