Error when running SSISDB Executions Report

  • Whenever you connect to a database server that is running SQL 2012 integration services, then you right click on SSISDB, choose "Reports, then Standard Reports, then Executions" there is a display of each execution and options to drill down.

    There is a particular execution that when I click to see "All Messages" I get a blank screen in SSMS with the following error: "Error: and error occurred during local report processing. --> An error has occurred during report processing. --> Exception of type 'System.OutOfMemoryException' was thrown."

    Before I go add more memory to this SQL box, I need to understand how an out of the box, canned SSRS report such as this, which is built into Integration Services could produce this issue?

  • This may be due to Verbose logging being turned on for SSISDB. Right click SSISDB under Integration Services Catalog and select properties. Change Verbose to Basic.

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