Error Message, Any one seen this one??

  • Error 18483: Could not connect to server ‘Brutus’ because ‘distributor_admin’ is not defined as a remote login at the server.

    I am running Sql2000, sp2 on Win 2000 adv server sp2. I can't get replication to even setup correctly. Has anyone seen this error and could help me out. I can run the setup wizard on our other similar environments and it works just fine.


    Tom Goltl

  • Haven't seen it, but it looks like replication is looking for that account. Can you create it on the remote system? It's setup on my system as a system admin.

    Steve Jones

  • I tried to create it once and see that it is set up as an sa account, with that name. It didn't work, I'm assuming because I don't know what password, if any to use. I could copy that users login from another server along with the password. But, I've never gotten the password to work when trying that in past attempts.


  • Sorry I don't have a spare server to "install" replication on. You might try installing another SQL copy, starting a complete trace, and then installing replication. You might snag a pwd then.

    Steve Jones

  • Been a while since I looked at that part of it - as I recall you need to have the login defined on the target and pass the userid/pwd as part of the distrib agent parameters. Bogged down prepping for a test, if you don't get to the bottom of it in the next day or two I'll dig some more.


  • Figured it out. At several points in the past the server had been renamed and the @@servername was returning a previous name. I renamed the sp_dropserver, sp_addserver stored procedures and now all seem to work fine.



  • Interesting. Thanks for the update and glad it be working.

    Steve Jones

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