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    I'm in the process of converting existing RS2005 rdl files over to RS2008 and I came across a strange situation that I can't find resolution for. Perhaps some of you gurus out there have some helpful insight:

    I copied the rdl of one existing report "Transit" and opened it in RS2008, updated the datasource to point to a shared Datasource and previewed it. It renders the report, however, in all of the columns summing miles, it shows "#Error". All other columns display just fine.

    I went back and ran the original report in 2005 and it runs great. The only difference between these two reports (aside from 2005 and 2008 --which hasn't yet presented me with any issues on converting rdls until now) is that the Datasource for the working report is one db and the Datasource for the non-working report is another db. Both db are exact copies of eachother. The stored procedure that runs for this report runs fine on both db, same exact results.

    I've confirmed the text box expression is correct as well (a simple calculation =Sum(Fields!TraveledDistance.Value)). All other fields in the report display without issue (all are sums). Only these mileage fields are showing #Error.

    Anyone have any ideas as far as what I should be checking? It just doesn't make much sense to me that the exact same rdl would work for one environment but not for a duplicate environment. And only part of the report reflects errors, not all. I've done this conversion process for dozens of rdls without any issue, but this one has me stumped.


  • tacy.highland

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    So i've gotten as far as determining that the field I have set to "=Sum(Fields!TraveledDistance.Value)" is already summed in the stored procedure. So I removed the Sum and just displayed the field and that part works.


    This information is in a tablix and I'm trying to sum all of the rows and columns that are grouped. How the heck do it do this?

    Like I mentioned before, the Sum on all of the totals works fine in 2005, but something about 2008 isn't liking it.


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