Error connecting using AlwaysON Listener

  • Dear Friends,

    I have a 2-node Read-Scale Always ON Availability Group to which I added a Listener. Though no issues during the creation of the Listener , the connection to the instance using the Listener is not possible. Just can't get through. Wondering if it has to do with the Name Resolution , or it doesn't work for Read-Scale setup..I provide the Listener Name in the connection but it throws the 'Network-related or Instance Specific...' error.Thank you in advance for any help.


  • Hi,

    are you able to ping the listener name from your workstation.

    Is the IP from the listener in the same ip subnet, or a different one?

    Are there firewalls in your network?

    Are there any errors in your ERRORLOG on the sql server?

    kind regards and good luck.

  • Hi Andreas,

    Thanks for kind response.

    The IP of the Primary and also the secondary are on the same subnet. I connect normally to two both the instances (albeit after a fix on name resolution issue on recently, wherein we disabled the FQDN as 'Add Replica')  wasn't allowing to connect to the existing replicas).

    Now the connections are possible but the issue is that we can't connect using the listener though the listener has been created successfully.

    Best Regards....Arshad




  • Hi,

    are you able to ping the listener name from your workstation. If the listner is correct in the AOAG, maybe there are some error in the AD or in your DNS.

    If you got an IP from the ping, just try to connect to the listner IP adress.

    Good luck,


  • Hi Andreas,

    Ping request (Sent from the Primary ) fails for the Listener but has replies, (even from the secondary) for the Listener IP (which also is the IP of the Primary)....Wondering if using AOAG Listener works on the Read-Scale environment that I have setup ?...Awaiting any more suggestions..Appreciate help...Thank you.


    Best Regards..Arshad

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  • Andreas,

    The local firewalls on the servers are disabled as per the Admin. They are on AWS Cloud.I connect to the servers through VPN.

    Thanks and Regards...Arshad

  • I get the message "Ping Request Couldn't find Host <Listener>"...Its strange that this error is from the same server that hosts primary replica.The connections from SSMS are fine though.

    Thank you....Arshad

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