Error: [364] The Messenger service has not been started - NetSend notifications will not be sent

  • Deepthi-847396

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    Hi all

    I am a new bie to SQL server 2005.

    Below is my requirement:

    Need to backup all the records in particular table every month, schedule this job and send a notification as and when the job gets executed.

    For which I've done the following:

    >>Right Clicked MyDB instance> Tasks>Export data

    // provided the destination table source tables, pacakage name to save this on File System.

    >>Then I moved to SQL Server Agent and created a recurring job under Jobs Folder. Note that I've not added any alerts or notifications.

    >> Now when the time to execute this job comes, the following error is thrown


    [364] The Messenger service has not been started - NetSend notifications will not be sent

    >>Not sure why I am seeing this. After seeing other forums. I enabled the windows Messenger service. And I dont see any Notification Services created.

    >> Note that When I ran the table export for the first time, the data got transmitted.

    Not sure if I am following the correct process. Kindly advise with correct steps and help me in understanding the Notification part.

    Thanks a lot!!


  • MANU-J.


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    First, try running the package alone(manually) and if you don't

    get any such error then try executing the job and if you get error

    message again then check the notifications or alerts tab under job.


  • Deepthi-847396

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    I ran the package standalone. The query got executed perfectly. While running it as a job I uncheked all the notification and alerts. But still I see the same error

  • MANU-J.


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    Try deleting this job and scheduling package using package scheduling option(right click package-->schedule package) and then see if you still get the error.


  • Greg Wax

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    The issue appears to be related to a failed "net send".

    Windows XP SP2 had the service "messenger" turned off. Goto Control Panel->Administrative Tools->Services and change Messenger to start Automatically.

    Note: MS Vista does not have the "net send" command and instead uses msg.exe.

    I am searching for a work around on how to use SQL 2005 on Vista Ultimate using the msg.exe command.

  • sotmarko

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