Error 11009 when applying SQL 2005 SP3

  • I have installed a named instance on a SQL 2005 server with clustering - 64bit. There was already another default instance defined. The installation was successful until I tried to apply SP3. I am receiving error 11009 - No passive nodes were successfully patched. I get the impression from the install that it cannot reach the passive node to patch but I am not for sure. I checked the event log and I am finding these errors in the event log for SQLBROWSER - (1) The configuration of the AdminConnection\TCP protocol in the SQL instance <casqlserver> is not valid and this and (2) The configuration of the NP protocol in the SQL instance <casqlserver> Is not valid. I am search around trying to figure this out.

    If anyone has any thoughts or direction they can provide it would be greatly appreciated. I am stuck.



  • Try following the workarounds on the link below...

    And this..

  • I am not sure about the error message.

    These steps works great for us, try this.

    Ensure that Task Scheduler Service was running on both nodes.

    Ensure that neither you nor anyone else was logged into either node at this point.

    Ensure that you logged onto the node as /console.

    Check SQL Service Domain account had Lock Pages in Memory on Local Policy on both nodes.

    Check MSDTC security. No mutual authentication. Remote access open.

    Move Resources to server 2 If you want to work first, node 2.

    Start SP3 on node 2.

    Install Native Client.

    Move patched Resources to node 1. Reboot node 2.

    Back on node 1 (always being sure to be logged off the other node),

    Start SP3 on node 1

    Install Native Client

    Fail Resources and Reboot node 1.

    Fail Resources back to node 1. Check that things are working.

    Let Replication catch up before beginning other server. (If Replication exist)

    Repeat for CU1

    Let me know if this doesn't work.


  • Thanks both of you for your input. Turns out I had to do exactly what you both recommended. That only happened after opening a call with Microsoft. I wish I would have received your input sooner.

    Today I opened up SSMS and proceeded to delete a maintenance plan. :crying:

    I can't. It gives me this message - The connection manager "Local Server Connection" will not acquire a connection because the package OfflineMode Property is TRUE. When the OfflineMode Property is TRUE connections cannot be acquired.

    I can't create one either now. I get this message - Cannot show the editor for this task. Additional Information: Exception From HRRESULT: 0xC0010014 (Microsft.SQLServer.DTSRuntimeWrap).

    This makes absolutely no sense to me.

  • I have one more question - How do I get hooked up with this PASS training. I need that.

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