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  • Good point, encrypting your hard disk is not going to prevent someone from stealing your entire laptop out of your car. 😀

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  • FDE isn't needed or required on the server, but definately for laptops belonging to corporate IT people. It's inevitable that sensitive information will end up in local email storage, Excel documents, or even browser cache and temporary files. If you work for a banking, government, or healthcare organization, and your laptop gets swiped from a public place, it's best that the theif not even know what organization you work for.

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  • Encryption is an extremely useful layer in what should be a multi-layered approach to data security, and when there is any doubt whatsoever about the sensitivity of the data, it should be encrypted.

    It should be remembered though that encryption comes with a performance price as well as often removing any ability to ever retrieve the data in the event he encryption key is lost/forgotten. That price is well worth paying on any remotely modern laptop that processes personal or sensitive data, but it is a factor to remember.

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