encrypt the database in azure

  • How can we encrypt the database in Azure. Research story.


    Thank you

  • Azure IaaS or Azure PaaS?


    PaaS is already encrypted with TDE, you cannot turn that feature off, it is mandatory.

    IaaS, look at TDE for manual enabling.

    Then you have additional things to look at like Always Encrypted and column level encryption to name a few things.

    If you google SQL Encryption, you will sure get a lot of information on this topic.

  • i dont have database yet, I want make sure my db is secured data,which is better

  • What are you most bothered about protecting.

    data in transit?  Look at always encrypted

    data at rest?  Look at TDE

    or if you need both, look at both.

  • Thank you

  • Thank you, I am concert about both and was looking for good articles

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