Enable Database Mail in 2012

  • Just a follow up on enabling database mail.

    On a new installation of SQL 2012, we clicked on the Database Mail icon under the Management folder in SSMS to start the wizard.

    Because Database Mail was not enable, a pop up box asked "The Database Mail feature is not available. Would you like to enable to enable the feature?", with yes & no boxes.

    In a query window, we ran sp_configure to see that the database mail had a zero value.

    We then click yes on the pop-up box, and it disappeared.

    We ran sp_configure again to see that the database mail now had a one value.

    We then canceled out of the Database mail wizard, and ran sp_configure again to see that the database mail still had a one value.

    So there is a way to enable database mail, with out typing out the stored procedure.

    Thanks again to everyone!

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