Enable catalog.startup autoexecution for SSISDB after creation

  • There is a checkbox when you create an SSIS catalog which says "Enable automatic execution of Integration Services stored procedure at SQL Server startup". It's a good practice to have this option on. BUT! How do you verify whether this option is ON or OFF after you (or someone else) have created a catalog and how do you enable it if it wasn't enabled at the time of creating the catalog?

    Thank you for the suggestions in advance!

  • To see if the checkbox was checked:

    SELECT name, is_auto_executed FROM sys.procedures WHERE name = 'sp_ssis_startup'

    If 'is_auto_executed' is 1 then it was checked at installation.

    To change the value of 'is_auto_executed' to 1 when it wasn't enabled at installation:

    EXEC sp_procoption

    @ProcName = 'sp_ssis_startup',

    @OptionName = 'startup',

    @OptionValue = 1;

    This should answer your question.



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