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  • This forum is designated as a place where you can discuss positive or negative issues about your employer. Remember this is a public forum, so don't post anything you'd want your employer to read.

    This was created as the request of others who are looking for a place to discuss issues as DBA employees.

  • Will this post be a permanent warning or will it fade off like any other posts?

  • It's a pinned post, so it should stay at the top if anyone browses the forum.

    K. Brian Kelley

  • Next question was how can I do this.  But expected answer is you can't unless you are a moderator or admin .


    Thanx for the info!

  • How about "don't post anything you'd NOT want your employer to read."

  • Of course, you could ask questions about prospective employers, and then have "offline" conversations about more sensitive issues regarding the employer.  Discretion is always advisable in a public forum, but honesty is always appreciated!

    Note that as employees, we think of this as discussing employers, but the same could be true in the other direction!  (HR resource??)

    Here there be dragons...,

    Steph Brown

  • Most employers have a policy of not allowing discussion of their policies in public - mine certainly does - but I've always thought that is unenforceable.  Surely discussing policies in abstract (without mentioning the actual employer) is fine?

  • Unfortunately, that fine line is going to be determined by your employer. If you're discussing what you'd like to see or what you don't like in general that may be safe, but it really depends on your firm. My policy has always been when posting, whether it's on the forums, writing an article, or writing a blog post, is if I think there's any reasonable way my current employer might take offense at what I've written, I don't write it in public.


    K. Brian Kelley

  • Brian, you are probably right - and as you are open about your employer it makes sense to respect their policies.  I'm not going to mention my employer's name.

  • True, but unless ******** is a pseudonym, keep in mind that the SSC.com forums, like many others, get indexed by the search engines. Therefore, if someone googles for ********, they may be pulled to a post of yours.


    K. Brian Kelley

  • Perhaps some name obfuscation is necessary.

  • I'll be alright now, unless someone mentions my name in the text of a message.  What? Eh! Oh.

  • I've edited my post to remove the name reference, but that's still fairly close to your real name.


    K. Brian Kelley

  • Thanks Brian.

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