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  • Is there a way to make sure that the main window in EM always is maximized?  It is annoying that it becomes minimized or maximized based on changing other windows.  There has got to be a way to change this.



  • Don't know if this will take care of your problem, but if you'll right click on EM (in the start menu or desktop shortcut), select properties, then on the Shortcut panel, you can select maximized from the Run: drop down.

    If this doesn't take care of it, then I would chalk it up to a Microsoft anomaly with MMC.  Occasionally, on my machine, MMC will get confused between EM and BOL, particularly when running a DTS package, returning me to BOL instead of EM.  A reboot takes care of it.


  • Steve-

    Thanks for the reply, but I am having problems with the "sub" Windows in EM.



  • OK, I understand.  I have seen this in other Windows applications (not just Microsoft).  All windows basically take on the characteristics of whatever change you make.  I don't encounter it often because I generally don't maximize or minimize windows within an application.  I size them and arrange them so that I can either see all or at least a small portion of each (kind of like cascading windows) to make selection easier, and then expand the topmost window to mostly fill the available space.  This way the others are not affected.  Probably not the solution you are looking for, but I have gotten used to it.


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