Easily Saving PoSh Results

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  • "clip" works but is actually invokng clip.exe which means your going outside of PoSH to save results to the clipboard. You can also do it completely within PoSH with this cmdlet: Set-Clipboard

  • Is there a cmdlet that will save the link text and the url?

    I often need both to make a copy of the text of a web page worthwhile. I can get this functionality from Excel with a geturl function written in VBA.

    412-977-3526 call/text

  • Check out Invoke-WebRequest.Links. I'm using PoSH 7.2.1 and I think it's a fairly new cmdlet.

    (Invoke-WebRequest biblegateway.com).Links

    I'm not an html coder but it might provide what you want.

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