Easily delete database objects

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  • That's a useful SP!

    To give it extra benefit you could add some checking for constraints on the object (e.g. FK on the table to be dropped) and add an option to remove the constraint(s) before dropping the object.



  • How about being able to wildcard the object name? If not, can anyone tell me how to add that to the SP?

    Before everyone jumps on me let me explain... We had someone in our organization create a process that creates "temp" tables. I put "temp" in quotes because what his procs actually do is create tables. If they user doesn't check a certain option in the application, these tables don't get dropped. We often find ourselves having to go through the DB and delete many of these. I had a script for this but I found it kind of kludgey. I really like this SP and would like to modify for this purpose.

  • Thanks for the script.

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