Dynamically Update A Parameter to Pass to Another Report

  • I have an existing SSRS Report which displays the following:

    UserName, UserID, DOB

    Bill Medley, 1, 9/10/50

    Lars Ulrich, 2,  6/5/88

    Adam Driver, 3, 3/10/91

    Carmen SanDiego, 4, 5/7/85

    Each of these is a row in a Tablix in a Master Report.  What I'd like to do, is click on a name in the list/tablix and send the UserID to a second report. So, for example, if I click on Lars Ulrich, it would send a "2" to the second report to do some further queries.  By the same token, if I click on Carmen SanDiego's name, it would send a "4" to the second report.

    I understand that I have to have a parameter in my second report, to accept the value I send from the Master Report (i.e. the 2 or 4 in my examples above).

    I also understand how to select the textbox/cell that contains the name, and select "Action" from the Textbox properties, specify the second report that I'm sending the value to....but how do I set it up in my Master Report to send that value, so that when I click on Lars it sends a 2 to that second report, or when I click on Carmen it sends a 4 to the second report?

    Thanks in advance, for any assistance!




  • Disregard my question; I've figured it out.


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