Dynamic SQL calls

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  • Stewart "Arturius" Campbell

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    Nice, easy question to end the week on, thanks, Steve

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  • HappyGeek


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    Good question, thanks Steve.


  • Lynn Pettis

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    Considering how much dynamic SQL I write where I work, this was a very easy question.  I use sp_executesql extensively in my code where I need to run dynamic SQL.

  • johnfowler

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    It seems to me the second answer could be correct as well.  If the DECLARE statement included a value for @CustomerKey then the query won't error.  So, if the second DECLARE statement was changed to:
    DECLARE @params NVARCHAR(1000) = '@CustomerKey int = 101';
    Then the query wouldn't error out and would return rows if there were rows containing a customer key of 101.

  • RLilj33


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    +1 to johnfowler. While adjusting the @params statement to include a fixed value may not be very useful, it still works.

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