Duplicating Database onto DR site

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    Hello Everybody,

    I am not sure immediately-updating replication is my solution .....hence the subject

    We have a high profile application that has a front-end application server with SQL2008R2 database on a 3-node windows 2008 cluster. Although the database cluster / actual database is up/available and the application server is available - we want the high-profile board members to be directed to DR site in case of network issues - and they cant reach the application/database.

    I have initiated replication with the transaction logs sent across every 10 minutes, and manual redirection from application server to DR site - but the requirement is more like 'No manual intervention for failover or failback' and if necessary duplicate application server at DR site.

    I guess the issue is more like the database being located in primary and DR site being completely in sync at all times and syncing back even after a 1-2 hour downtime on one side.

    If there are 3rd party tools out there tat you have used that information will also be helpful. Thanks in advance.


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    Why dont you go with database mirroring?

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    The principal role needs to be taken over without manual intervention by the (DR)mirrored database - although the original principal database is up from a SQL perspective and yet unreachabe for the application server or the web-frontend used by the board members.

    A variation of Merge replication may be the solution - but the material I am reading is not clear enough.

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