DTS:copy data to SQL Server by checking

  • Hello,

    I connect from SQL Server on Windows 2000 to Progress

    Database on UNIX.

    The database name of SQL Server is cstarsql and the

    name is cstarint on UNIX.

    I would like to schedule to copy data from

    cstarint(Progress) to cstarsql(SQLServer). I did for

    one time, but I want to control if the data has

    already copied or not. If not, it will copy.

    In DTS Query Builder to copy from Progress to SQL


    SELECT * from calls WHERE call_date = TODAY

    The name of table of calls is the same for both

    database.The above calls is cstarint(Progress


    This command is enough for one time. But I need to

    control if the record has already copied.

    In SQL Server, I control if the record is available or

    not with @@FETCH_STATUS .

    Now I would like to mix two queries, but I couldn't.

    Can anybody do this?

    DECLARE calls_cursor SCROLL CURSOR

    FOR SELECT * FROM calls

    WHERE call_date = TODAY

    OPEN calls_cursor

    -- Perform the first fetch.

    FETCH NEXT FROM calls_cursor

    -- Check @@FETCH_STATUS to see if there are any more

    rows to fetch.



    -- This is executed as long as the previous fetch


    FETCH NEXT FROM calls_cursor


    CLOSE calls_cursor

  • I don't think you need a cursor for this - an outer join should work well. Something like this:

    insert into table a (column names here)

    select (all your column names from the insert) from remotetable A left join localtable B on A.Primarykey=B.Primarykey where B.PrimaryKey is null

    If you have a lot of data, it's probably faster to move all the data to one server or the other first, but you'll have to test to be sure.


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