DTS weirdness

  • We have a DTS package that was created by a developer on DOMAINA. He saved this to the server (which is a member of DOMAINB) and it listed the owner as DOMAINA\developer. No problem so far.

    When the Sys admin goes in to modify the DTS package, it changes the owner to DOMAINB\Administrator. No big deal, except now the developer is not able to see part of the DTS package.

    The part that he can't see but the sysadmin can (and, so far as I can tell, only the sys admin) is part of the DTS that copys data from a table and dumps it to a flat text file. The rest of the DTS can be used just fine. We've tried using SQL ids and Windows authentication within the DTS, but it makes no difference.

    Can anyone think of where the security mismatch is?


  • This is just a guess from your description, but this is a common problem with DTS:

    Whenever you access something that is specific to a machine, like a flat file in a specific subdirectory for instance, or a dataset dependent on an ODBC data source, you must be on that machine. If your admin is attempting to modify the DTS remotely (from Enterprise Manager on their desktop, for instance) then the flat file "C:\temp\whatever.csv" will not be found. In this case you need to open the DTS from a user session on the server.


  • Except...the flat file is pointing to a UNC address:


    None of the connections use (local) as the connection source.

    And the developer gets this even if he RDPs into the server directly.


    EDIT: and...my username changed. I must have picked up a stray cookie with my first post. So sorry.

  • How is the Sys Admin changing the name? I have had similar issues and found that if I opened the current package and saved it under a new name the owner would be updated and all parts of the package would remain visible.

  • During development, we are required to keep all changes saved to separate DTS packages. I guess so if something fails it's easier to go back then it is to choose a different version? I don't make the rules.

    Anyway, the name changes because whenever a change is made a new DTS package is saved/created. Thus the name changes.

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