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  • Where does SQL Store the status properies of a package after it has executed.

    For each step in the package DTS supplies the, start time, and finish time. Is there a way to retrieve this information after the package executes? -JG


  • select * from msdb.dbo.sysjobhistory

    Steve Jones


  • But it only remains there so long before it is flushed to give room for other histories. There is a way to increase the size which was on the MS Knowledge Base but I don't have the ID.

  • Is the log option only avaiable in SQL2K? I looked through the properties of the DTS on SQL7 and I can not find a Log option.


  • I just looked in SQL Server 2000 and SQL Server 7.0 and found that there is an extra tab called Logging in SQL Server 2000 for Package properties. So, unless there is some equivelent for the same in another location in SQL Server 7.0, then it is a feature only available in SQL Server 2000.

    We only have SQL Server 7.0 in production and I was very disappointed with the logging available for DTS packages so I created my own logging method by creating a logging table and then adding a query at the end of each task or a separate task that inserts a row into the logging table to tell me that the preceding step succeeded or failed. This takes time to implement, but once set up it has helped me a lot to find where a DTS package failed quickly and with more detailed logging I can determine the problem just by looking at my log entries.

    Robert Marda

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