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  • I have created a package that sources a SQL Server table and outputs to a dbase5 .dbf/.dbt file. This works perfectly well. I then delete the files created by DTS. However, when I save the package to VB the app expects the .dbt/.dbt files to exist. (I would have thought there would be a property to 'createtable') I'd like to be able to create these dbf files/tables on the fly, ie dynamically. Does anyone know how I can do this from VB?

  • Using Enterprise Manager to design your package, you can create a dynamic properties task.

    In there you select the connection, OLEDB properties and datasource and SET.

    The you select (ex.) a query like

    select '\\SERVER\DIRECTORY\Subdir\Filename'+(convert (char(6),(SELECT GETDATE()),12))+'.dbf'

    Do not forget to set up the workflow to exec the dynamic properties first.

    This wil create everyday a new file along the date.

  • Thanks Paul - it works!

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