DTS Parallel Processing

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  • I like the idea and am thinking on using it in tasks other then index maintenance.

    One thing I would like to abstract away is parallelizing specific task, in this case Execute SQL task. DTS for SQL Server 2000 carries "Execute DTS Package" component, which fits rather well.

    Any suggestion implementing this software design pattern.

    -- Miron.

  • Hi, I tried yesterday similar approach by dropping on the DTS design surface

    a. SQL Server connection

    b. Two Execute SQL tasks

    c. ActiveX script task with

    I. on completion workflow constraints pointing from both Execute SQL tasks

    II. script that would try to determine the timing when the execution context was passed to ActiveX script

    Here is assumption tested:

    * DTS constraints connected by logical AND operator ( or so I believe )

    * Such a data construct reaches its decision to proceed to next step after all constraints pointing to the same component executed and match constraint declared condition

    I ended up turning on profiler and the trace indicated that both ExecuteSQL components were running on the same SPID ( this was happening under the hood, the two queries ran sequentially )

    I added the second SQL Connection component on the designer surface, set ExecuteSQL task to point to distinct connection and the issue went away. On with test for OnCompletion constraint timing.

  • the constraint assumption was confirmed. Workaround is to place ActiveX script between parallel task and the point where parallel paths join back to "main" thread. From this script one could check completion status for parallel task and decide to either re - run or to proceed to the next step.

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