DTS Package Failed Step Error code: 80042008

  • Hi Team ,

    I have a DTS package which has failed with the below reason

    Step Error Description:Column name '((((NVL(TITLE,'')||' ')||NVL(NAME_1,''))||' ')||NVL(SURNAME,' was not found.

    Step Error code: 80042008

    Step Error Help File:sqldts80.hlp

    Step Error Help Context ID:0


    But when I manually execute the query , this is working as expected .

    Can any one guide what the issue is


  • Thanks for posting your issue and hopefully someone will answer soon.

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  • without the full sql you are doing on your package, and indeed the package itself I would guess you have a SQL Statement agains Oracle where you are concatenating various columns and you didn't assign it an alias - by default this will create a long unusable name made up of the concatenation string and that can cause the issue you have.

    where ever you have

    select  ((((NVL(TITLE,'')||' ')||NVL(NAME_1,''))||' ')||NVL(SURNAME ....

    change it to

    select ((((NVL(TITLE,'')||' ')||NVL(NAME_1,''))||' ')||NVL(SURNAME AS MyNewColumn (give it whatever name you wish)

    and use the new column on your flows.


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