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  • I'm new to DTS, using SQL 7.0. Is there a way to set up my source select statements using a join on both the source and the destination tables? Example: I'm trying to update a table on the Destination server with all new records from an identical table on the Source server. I simply want to insert the newest ones based on whether the Source table has key values greater than the Destination table. I need to at least have a WHERE clause comparing fields from both tables. I realize there are other ways to deal with this (replication, etc.), but I have other requirements for joining the source and destination tables as a criteria on my source selects.

  • I'm assuming you are using a Execute SQL task or a transform data task and if so, I believe you still have to have a linked server in order to do this. It has been a while since I tried this so I can try later today and let you know.

    If anyone else knows for sure, please post.




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  • You'd need to use a linked server and join them as a single source.

    You can use the multi data pump thing, but I've never liked it. I'd prefer to use a linked server or move my source and compare using native sql on the destination.

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