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  • I get this error message when I tried to run a DTS-package.The package har only 2 step,one creates the table into an excel file and the other one is the data pumping.

    Step Error Source: Microsoft Data Transformation Services (DTS) Package

    Step Error Description:Unspecified error

    (Microsoft JET Database Engine (80004005): Cannot update. Database or object is read-only.)

    Step Error code: 80074005

    Step Error Help File:sqldts.hlp

    Step Error Help Context ID:1100

    Sounds familiar ?

    Thanks in advance!


  • I checked a bit closer and the problem is when I create the excel connection then I get the error message.Is there any limitation how long the excelfile name could be?


  • This error looks like you do not have change rights to the file. Ave you checked that?

    There might be a 255 char limit.

    Steve Jones


  • Belive me,I check that a couple of times and there is no problem.The weird thing is if I have less then 30 character in the excels connections filename,than it works very well.

    Maybe there is a limitation there !?!

    Any suggestions?


  • Shouldn't be. What is the filename and path? Any spaces.

    Steve Jones


  • Hi Steve,

    Thanks for your answer.

    There is no space or anything else...

    The connections file name is 60 not 30 as I wrote before.Here comes an exemple:


    This is 63 long but if I reduce it to 60 it works:




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