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  • I've recently had my machine rebuilt and reinstalled SQL 2000 and SP1. When I go into existing DTS packages I get a message DTS Designer Error |||||| and the task selection area is blank. Also only register and unregister custom tasks are available from the menu line. Any ideas?

  • what is the error message?

  • All that appears is a message box entitled DTS Designer Error and the text inside is


    Informative isn't it!


  • I'd reinstall first before putting too much time into it. (I know that isn't a big help, but its a start) Have you looked in the event viewer for any related errors?

  • I've reinstalled and readded SP1, but its still a no go. I wondered if it might be a dts dll problem, so I reregistered dtspump.dll,dtsffile.dll,dtsui.dll and dtspkg.dll to no avail.

  • Yikes...try installing this hotfix if you haven't already.


    Our resident DBA here at work has run into this same scenario. He just showed me an example of a DTS package that currently does what your's is doing. When the message box comes up ||||||, he hits ok and then is able to get into the dts designer, though none of the tasks are available to him. The DTS package still executes from what he told me. Also, it doesn't happen to him all of the time. if he opens the dts package, then gets the error, he closes the dts package, then reopens it with no error. He beleives it is a activeX problem, but he has not tracked it down.

  • I'm not sure if the above post helped you resolve your issue.

    If not, go to DOS command prompt - change directory to winnt\system32 and run following


    Regsvr32 /u Comcat.dll

    Regsvr32 /u dtsffile.dll

    Regsvr32 /u dtspkg.dll

    Regsvr32 /u dtspump.dll

    Regsvr32 /u dtsui.dll

    followed by

    Regsvr32 Comcat.dll

    Regsvr32 dtsffile.dll

    Regsvr32 dtspkg.dll

    Regsvr32 dtspump.dll

    Regsvr32 dtsui.dll

    The problem lies in that sometimes when you install new applications, they overwrite existing .dll files. However, when you reinstall SQL Server 2000 it won't overwrite existing .dll files.

    Bear in mind that the above commands apply to SQL Server 7.0, and I'm pretty sure that there is at least one more .dll for SQL Server 2000.

    There is a list of these .dll files in the Wrox book, Professional SQL Server 2000 Dts

    by Brian Knight et al. Unfortunately I don't have the book with me here so I can't refer to it.

    If you don't have the book someone might be able to let you know what the .dll files for 2000 are. If not, I'll post them here when I next get the chance.



    Karl Grambow

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