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  • Eric P. Melillo

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    Q: Is there a maximum number of errors that DTC can handle before it throws the error: "Distributed transaction aborted by MSDTC"?

    I have been given "rerunnable" code for a data migration by the developers and for the last 4 runs it has aborted at the same number of data errors being encountered. The abort is not being controlled by the code. Already checked that out.

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    Eric P. Melillo

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  • Eric P. Melillo

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    Sorry forgot to add the environment:

    Controlling env for transaction:

    SQL Server 7

    Remote (insert) server

    SQL Server 2000

  • Andy Warren

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    With a remote server you might be getting a timeout. I dont use DTC a lot, thought that most any error would cause the transaction to abort. You might try testing it without being in a transaction, see if you can see the error happen. What error message(s) are you getting?


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