Dropping a database

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    Hi Rahul,

    I will find the script very useful,tho i have one question,

    what are u executing when u said :

    EXEC SetMessages


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    The script has an error....I was using SetMessages as my stored proc for having my custom error messages. You can remove that piece of code from the first proc usp_DropDB and you will be fine or alternatively you can make a change to the usp_ForceDropDb stored procedure and replace the statement in the end:

    "EXEC usp_DropDB @DatabaseName"


    SET @DatabaseName = QUOTENAME(@DatabaseName)

    EXEC ('DROP DATABASE ' + @DatabaseName )



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    Hi, thanks for this one!

    Mnd goal is to publish a content database from staging to live, safely, from an admin web page. The wrinkle is that the DB must remain alive on the web during the process ... I plan to modify the DSNs on the fly.

    One small point, when I use this in SQL 7 it returns an error "You can't kill your own process."

    This error was causing the calling DTS package to fail on this step.

    I simply added a clause to the SELECT of spids to exclude "@@SPID" which is the current process.

    SELECT spid

    FROM master.dbo.sysprocesses

    WHERE dbid =

    (SELECT dbid FROM master.dbo.sysdatabases

    WHERE name = @DatabaseName)

    AND spid <> @@SPID


    It worked fine and once again I appreciate the resource, I don't know much T-SQL ... I'm actually a web guy using Cold Fusion with SQL Server.

    - Jon

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