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  • We're in the process of planning the migration of our whole platform into AWS. The current thinking is that we will host our instances on EC2 and use FSx as the file system. However, I can't find anything about whether a separate FSx instance is recommended for each drive needed by SQL Server. It's good practice to split data files, log files and tempdb out on to different drives to minimise contention but I'm really not clear about how this split is best managed with FSx. I've seen the EC2 instance storage recommended for tempdb but should I use a different share from a 'central' FSx instance or is a discrete instance for each drive best.

    The extension to this is whether a single large FSx instance for all EC2 instances is okay or is it best to use a discrete FSx for each EC2? I expect all of this will crash on the rocks of cost but I'm struggling to get my head around it.

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