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    My shop wishes to use DPM2019 to do our SQL (also 2019) backups.  I know there is a discussion on here from 2016 about DPM being a bit crap.  Does anyone have any experience or insight with DPM & SQL 2019?

    I cannot pick an alternate product.  My choice is to use DPM2019 to either backup SQL directly, or to use my own jobs to back the databases up and for DPM to pick up the files.



  • It all comes down to your RPO/RTO - and whether or not DPM can meet those requirements.  The first test I would perform is a straight native compressed backup and restore.

    Then - compare that to using DPM to backup and restore the database.  If DPM can meet or exceed the native backup and restore then there is no reason to not use it.  However, if DPM takes longer to either back up or restore - then it cannot meet the requirements and therefore is not an option.

    Note: if you have to stripe the backups in DPM to get the same performance as your native backups to a single compressed file, then I would not say it meets or exceeds the native solution.  Just because it makes your backups more complex and potentially adds risk - and if striping can improve DPM just to the point of meeting the native backup then striping the native backup would perform even better than the DPM solution.

    Oh - and also check the storage requirements.  If DPM is using more space (after compressing and de-duping) than a native compressed backup then why would you even consider it to be a valid solution?

    Final note: for the comparison you need to also consider network vs local.  If DPM is backing up over the network and native is local that could be a significant difference for the performance.  If that is the case, then try testing native backup across the network for a better comparison between the two options.

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