• Hello,

    I take over a new production SQL Server from different department. When I check sql server logins, I saw a username like DOMAIN\HOSTNAME$ which has right security admin.

    Is anyone know about this? Is anyone who come from DOMAIN\HOSTNAME$ can connect to SQL Server with security admin rights ?

    Thank you..

  • That is the AD account for the server. I believe any Services running under the Network Service account will use this account.

  • Services running under LocalSystem should show up like this as well.

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  • Thank you friends for this informations.

    I want to detail about this question.

    There is an application server which hostname is XXX, and there is an database server which hostname is YYY. When I check SQL Server logins in YYY, I see DOMAIN\XXX$.

    So is that meaning, Services running under XXX 's Local System and Network Service can access to SQL Server in YYY? So, If I dont want applications running under Local System / Network Services in XXX access to SQL Server in YYY, I must start these services using specific account. Am I right?

    Thanks in advance.

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