Does Management Care About the Database?

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  • If I might use a car as an analogy, many people do not care about their cars.  They want it to work, they accept that they must put fuel in it and take it for servicing.  Apart from that the bonnet might as well be nailed shut.

    Thinking about this, in the UK a car is the biggest purchase apart from your house.  A substantial sum of your taxed income goes into it.  Yet people don't care about it, it is a utility. I have acquired a classic sports car so this is a bit of an alien concept.

    I feel soft skills are needed to present reasons to care about the DB in terms that are relevant to business decision makers.  Work out a way to make your needs as a DB person to be aligned with things a business person cares about.  It's not an easy skill and can take a lot of  conversations (and thus time) to get the message across  so their needs support yours.


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