Does Barcoding Give Headaches to You? Neodynamic is a Solution

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  • Is there any need for this application?

    We currently generate barcodes - in reporting services - all you need to do is install one of the readily available fonts - 3of9 etc !



  • Some of our projects require barcode rotation that cannot be done using fonts. Tools like Barcode Professional can fill that needs. OTOH, due to we develop software for other companies and barcode needs varying from one to other a lot, having one tool supporting a good number of most popular barcode symbologies all-in-one is a great helper. I'll try it.

  • While I like the informative articles that this site tends to publish in it's newsletter, do we really need the astroturfing articles? Yes, barcoding is cool, but as Phil said, just install the font and be done with it. Or, if you really need to store the barcode in the database, just create an application (or a CLR stored procedure in 2k5) which takes the information, generates the barcode as a .GIF or some such, and then stuff it in the table in a blob field. This would even cover GM's need for rotation.

  • Definitely the font is the way to go - and you probably won't have the 7 second delay on a simple 290 record report...  We use the font from within Crystal Reports & MS Word and have no problems - granted, you cannot generate the 2D matrix barcodes and other more complicated formats, but there are not that many applications where a specific barcode format, rather than a general format (eg code 39) is absolutely required...  And is a LOT cheaper than US$1200

  • I am using another commercial barcode for .net software from I feel good with their easy to use and fast response service.

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