Docker Desktop on Windows 10 for SQL Server : Step by Step

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  • I thought that for better performance, docker recommends volume paths to be in Linux form. Relative path to the object a supposed to windows file system mounts. Is there some special considerations for sql server?

  • If it is a Linux based container, certainly should have Linux form. And it is very similar commands to make it work.

    I used Windows container for example is only because most SQL Server instances are running on Windows. Nothing special.




  • In the book "Hands-On Data Virtualization with Polybase" you learn how to install SQL Server on Windows Server Core running on Docker Windows, so you don't rely on Microsoft.

  • I was playing around with my containers last week and as you mentioned, I noticed that Microsoft is no longer supporting SQL Server on  windows containers. I have orchestrated several practice containers using MS SQL, Postgres and MySQL, and about a year ago, I built one by hand, importing the setup into the container. Not ideal as I didn't understand layering and I had to remove that form my PC. The one thing I noticed is that even with microsoft or docker continuumio pre built containers, (not just SQL containers) when I inspect the final build, there are often unresolved security issues. I haven't found a reliable source of information for making corrections. Also, the last Stairway I saw on containers had three steps. I was looking the other day and saw what I hope is an updated stairway on containers. I'm currently in a training class but hope to review that in a few weeks. Also, great tip on pulling the Enterprise version of SQL. I didn't know that was available. Thanks!

    Great Article!


  • Windocks SQL Server containers are delivered identical to named instances that are conventionally installed, and preserve the security model that you are accustomed to with SQL Server.   We have scores of customers around the world using Windocks, as they gain the benefits of containers (speed, high number of containers/server, and Kubernetes support), while preserving the security and compatibility of SQL Server everyone is familiar with.  - Paul

  • Thank you for sharing your experience! Too bad "Microsoft is no longer supporting SQL Server on  windows containers". I don't mind using Linux container though, for testing it is still convenient to spin up an environment similar to most prod environments which are running on Windows.

  • I have been unable to make the methodology work for me in Windows 10.  I followed the directives on downloading the image, creating and starting a Linux container.  I used sqlcmd to verify the system is running in the container but I have been unable to connect via SSMS.  I get an error indicating that there is nothing to connect to at the end of the pipe.  All of the commands below are successful and I can tell via my Docker Desktop that the image is running.  I am open to suggestions.

    docker pull

    docker run --name sql_2017 -e "ACCEPT_EULA=Y" -e "SA_PASSWORD=1Secure*Password1" -e "MSSQL_PID=Enterprise" -p 1433:1433 -d

    docker exec -it sql_2017 /opt/mssql-tools/bin/sqlcmd -S localhost -U sa


    Allan Elkowitz

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