do you need to be a good .NET coder to be an sql server dev?

  • if you want to become an sql server dev, do you need to be a very good .NET programmer. I am not bad in using .NET, mainly with c#, but would i need to be as good as a full on .NET developer to be an sql server developer?

  • No necessarily not but if you like to do miracle with sql 2005 knowing .Net would be a really great boon for you.

    Sugeshkumar Rajendran
    SQL Server MVP

  • I agree with Sugesh. It's not necessary, but it can help. The important thing is to really balance the pros and cons of the .NET v TSQL and choose the right one for the job.

  • Since you have indicated you know how to program, all you now need to do is learn the syntax and grammar of T-SQL, which I have found to be quite straightforward.  You will likely be great, I know my .NET skills are rusty especially since I spend all of my time in stored procedures, DTS packages and the like.

  • I am both a programmer and SQL admin where I work and I have loved some of the new functionality that comes with the latest version of .NET, but I still find that it pays to keep as much of your data processing on the SQL server side where a change can automatically propagate.

    A problem for me is that I am in a SQL 2000 environment and it doesn't look like that will change anytime soon. Much of the really cool functionality that you get in .NET for database-driven apps assumes that you are running 2005.

  • think i need a new job to help me develop my sql developer skills. they are not really used in my current position, thanks guys for the advice and info

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