Do you need a process server w/ Tabular AS when processing during the work day?

  • We have multidimensional cubes that need to be refreshed throughout the day. We have a process server that process the cubes and then we sync the cubes to a business user facing server. We do this because business users are not able to query the cube while it is processing.

    We plan to migrate our multidimensional AS to tabular. I have been unable to find whether you still need a process server to process the tabular AS model and then sync to a business facing server or can business users query a tabular model while it is being processed?

  • Thanks for posting your issue and hopefully someone will answer soon.

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  • There is a lot more that needs to think about before being able to give a useful answer.

    # What is your desired end-game with Tabular

    # Do you plan to use Direct Connect with you Tabular instance

    # Do you have 100% Windows authentication or do you want to use SSO

    # Do you want to migrate your old SSRS reports or do you want to use PowerBI

    # Have you considered any form of Blue/Green process (where you update Blue and swap it with Green at deployment time)

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