Do Entry-Level Databasing Jobs Exist ?

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    I have also worked with people who have an inflated view of either their job or the money they should make. I knew several people who decided because they were a DBA (in name only, no experience or training) and after checking out many web sites with pay rates that there were worth a higher salary. They became a bad DBAs since they felt the company was taking advantage of them.

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    After all, in most cases you never get paid what you are worth!

    The working class is always exploited.

    Oh my, I'm not used to two cups of coffee in the morning anymore.

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  • I think you need to decide if you are a super technical type, or one who first wants to understand the business problem.

    Look back at all the classes you took, and see what really exited you. You may have to move, and sell your self, but you can find something if you look. It may not pay a lot, but as everyone else has stated, with focus, luck will come.

    Note: Database admin is generally separate from the business, while design is almost pure business driven.

    What's the business problem you're trying to solve?

    What's the business problem you're trying to solve?

  • I'm a social assisant working as a ICT responsable for 5 years now. Working with SQL for 3 years. Responsable for everything that is IT minded : 5 servers, 25 computers.

    I'm working most with views and maintaining SQL. Never did any real scripting yet. Guess that makes me a junior. I don't seem to find a real T SQL training. T SQL is over here considered only as querying.

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  • JV, do yourself a favor and perform as many of the administrative functions as possible through Query Analyser. That will give you practice with the scripts and will also give you valuable experience in case Enterprise Manager decides to lock up.

    My mentor made sure that I knew the scripts to do almost everything. I thought it was a pain at first but now I know better.

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