DMV query which pulls memory usage per session

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    Hi All,

    Does anyone has a query which tells me how much memory is being consumed by each session along with associated query text. Looking for something which tells me , this particular session_id/spid is using 'x' number of data pages and it is occupying 'y-MB' in the buffer pool. If anyone has similar query, please share it. we are using sql 2012 and above sql instances.

    Can we do this using sp_whoisactive?



  • DinoRS


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    Yes, google has, 4th result when searching mssql memory usage by session

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    For some reason , those queries doesn't give me what is expected. it doesn't show up the spid as well.

    Basically, if I try to open a new ssms session and execute below 2 queries, and If I query the DMVs , I should get , this particular spid, executed this batch and took 50MB. That's what I was expecting... Can we get such detail info?

    create table emp

    (c1 int identity,

    c2 char (8000) default 'a' --- inserting 8k page


    -- insert 50 MB data

    insert into emp default values

    go 6400 --50MB

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