DISTRIBUTED availability group - how many SEPARATE databases can it contain?

  • To my knowledge, a DAG can have up to 17 REPLICAs, but that is all replicas of the SAME database.

    Is it possible for a DAG to contain 2 (or more) SEPARATE databases? I think not unless I'm doing something wrong 🙂


  • Thanks for posting your issue and hopefully someone will answer soon.

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  • I think you are expecting multiple availability groups yes possible for different Db's.

    Durai Nagarajan

  • Distributed AGs were an Enterprise only feature (prior to SQL 2019 CU17).

    So if you are running any version prior to that you can have multiple DBs in the AG and also the DAG as enterprise edition allows for multiple DB AOAGs.

    Now if your on Standard 2019 CU17 your limited to BAG and DAG so there you can only have 1 database in the BAG and therefore 1 database in the DAG.


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