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  • I like the technique, and learning about a function that was new to me, but the article is confusing in a couple of ways.
    The narrative talks about discount, but the query code refers to 'TotalSalePrice'.
    The 'TotalSalePrice' column is not in the diagram.
    I still got the point, but these were slightly distracting.

  • Thanks for the article.  I found this helpful to expand my knowledge of functionality in more recent versions of SQL Server.
    One thing that might be worth pointing out directly in your article is that the results are interpolated, to help draw attention to the fact that the result may not reflect a specific data point already defined within the set.  While documentation for PERCENTILE_CONT does point this out, and it might be intuitive from some of the details in the way you approach the topic in your article, this is an important distinction from a conceptual/business/mathematical perspective versus the classic definition of a median.

  • Hi Adam,

    Thanks for sharing this, I found it really cool indeed. I have been asked about calculating the median in the past and there is always that juggling of code because of the version of the engine. What I still do is, once the window function is created, I test it against another way to obtain the same results e.g. temp tables and ctes combined, etc. just to make sure of the impact of index and cpu consumption is better using either technique. 


  • NTILE be incorporated in all versions to give a median, but the code is lengthy and not as clean as presented here.


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