Display all facts using latest set of dimension keys?

  • I have a requirement where I need to provide two views of the same facts across several dimensions.

    The first view is straightforward - display customer financials using the associated dim keys at that point in time. So this is simple and can come directly from a transactional fact table.

    The second view is more complex in terms of design - display customer financials using the keys as they are today. All financials should be re-allocated to the latest keys.

    My initial thought was to add these 'latest' keys to the customer dimension as type 1's but then this snowflakes the star schema and enforces a ordering to populating dimensions. Is there a better to design to accommodate this scenario or is the overhead of incorporating additional complexity into the model/ETL process something I have to accept?

    Thanks guys

  • The other option I was thinking about was a factless fact table with effective dates

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